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PMD Explorers - Team AZUL 2.0 by nyausi PMD Explorers - Team AZUL 2.0 by nyausi
FOR :iconpmd-explorers: lol, time is running out. And I still got to get mission 1 in ! O__O

Pink Kecleon, alternate colour! Because I was confused about the shiny thing.

Nai is based off an old pokemorph character, which I had made before the gender thing was established. Nai was a I made Nai..girlish!

Some say he would be best suited as a rescuer as he has the tendency to play the part. He is quick to aid those that are in need, often being quiet vocal about it. Hes a kind caring gentle and caring soul, going out of his way to help others...must to the dismay of his partner. He comes off as a bit of a scardy meowth, sometimes, though it's really only when in a group situation (so shy!). His uneasiness of being in a crowd is always obvious when he latches onto Schalu's tail as a form of support. He is prone to a short temper! But only in instances that involve Schalu being lazy about whatever mission needs to get done..but its more of frustration than anger. His frustrations often lead to him unable to think properly and his judgements get well as his sense of direction. He is apt to extreme bouts of violence..although it is rare for him to get pushed beyond his limits..

He is frightened of ghost types, mostly all those in the Ghastly line. This is due to him being unable to land an effective punch and will run away or be petrified in their presence. (He does alright around Devonshire..though he still finds him rather creepy! )

Schalu is the reason why Nai is a Rouge and not a Rescuer! This pink Kecleon is lazy, somewhat, but only in situations he doesnt really care for. Preferring the company of his bed than to prance about on some unfruitful mission. He has a bit of a mean streak! Even to those who are clearly his them the FUCK YOU , if the situation at hand isnt really up to his expectations. He was brought up in the same town that Nai was, thus their close friendship. He dragged Nai to the a Rouge simply because he wanted him to, and not because he fit the mold of one. Hes pretty much nonchallant about most everything..which gives the impression that he IS lazy. He doesnt care too much for a lot of pokemon. And trusts them even less. He makes his pants from sheddings of skin to aid in hiding the stripe around his waist in times when he has to go transparent.


I wanted to avoid making Nai a girly man. He is shy , he DOES sometimes act girly, especially when he is very excited. But he turns SERIOUSMAN, when in a life or death situation (or when he's pissed off), thus his hero type bleeding through. he does tend to wear dresses ...but thats the fault of his overly doting mother..:X ..

Schalus is as read above. He is kind of lazy, kind of dont care attitude, but will strike back when push comes to shove. Being a normal type he has to be cautious..and thus, tends to not trust many Pokemon since they might just have that KO move in their arsenal. He gives in to Nai's requests when it comes to being pushed into battles ..seems like the Kecleon has to be constantly reminded of his goal..



Nai now has WITCH'S CLOAK

Schalu has lost his pants. Now wears his ribbon around his waist, like a belt!


Zina the Sneasel! A delightful little sneasel, he is quiet the happy chap. And is enamoured with the tales that Nai has spun about the heroic life of a rouge! He wears his ribbon like a scarf. He is not one to fight, though will do so when necessary. This out of fear of damaging his left hand.. He wants to be a painter! Thus he keeps the claws of his left hand honed down to a dull point so as to not rip the canvas he is working on! The blue feathers are based on the colours given to the original sprite of the old Gold and Silver games. It's a bit tattered as he fiddles with it when nervous.

If anything is wrong Ill change it!
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LivewireSparks Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2012
I love this team, :iconsothereplz:
Neon-Blue-27 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Blue feathers weren't from shiny - they were the original color in Gold and Silver. Why, I don't know, since I'm fairly certain the official art has always used red feathers.

I like Zina~
He's cute~
nyausi Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2012  Professional Digital Artist

Thanks for letting me know. I misread it being its shiny form. Thanks!
Neon-Blue-27 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't suppose your team has a Tumblr?
nyausi Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I've made it...just havent set it up yet. :D I will soon!
Neon-Blue-27 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well when you do be sure to let me know so I can follow ya.
Momogirl Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2012
that hitmonchan is amazing
neito56 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2011
Nai would make such a better character if you were able to make him a she
imawesome1212 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2011
This is cool! Also there should be female hitmonchan because there wearing a freaking skirt!
Rilind1234 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Whats a rogue class?
joekabox Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Very nice team and art, however, purple kecleon are not shiny, just a different color. Its a common mistake so I mean nothing bad by saying this, I'm just clearing this up for you if you needed it. I thought it was for a long time too, shiny ones however just have a different colored stipe on their belly, nothing else is different.

But other than that, nice piece, and your Hitmonchan is awesome. I like seeing characters that are different than what most consider the norm (like the Miltank that calls itself a boy).
storysxlegend Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2011  Student Digital Artist
VERY well done. I really like your style.
bellberrystar Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2011
Your hitmonchan made me forget for a moment that the species is purely male!

I have to say these two are pretty creative!
Kurigaru Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Omg, I have never seen a female/ trap hitmonchan, and you pulled it off extremely well!
You win ze internets! :dummy:
eeveeextreme Featured By Owner May 31, 2011  Student General Artist
Dat Hitmonchan iz feemail I tells you!!
Sepent Featured By Owner May 24, 2011
Nice style and colours!
Lunar-Wind Featured By Owner May 22, 2011  Professional Filmographer
..dat Hitmonchan <3
AceofSpades53 Featured By Owner May 21, 2011
A Hitmonchan! Finally, a change of pace! It would be cool if you could include backstory, they seem interesting.
crayon-chewer Featured By Owner May 20, 2011   Digital Artist
I love the way you drew Hitmonchan here!
SVP-Cule Featured By Owner May 19, 2011
That Hitmonchan is soooo manly.
yoshitaka Featured By Owner May 19, 2011
I believe you'd have to have a Tyrogue, not a Hitmonchan. But I'm not entirely sure. All I know is you can't have evolved Pokemon unless it's a Pikachu.
nyausi Featured By Owner May 19, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
From what I understand if they didnt start off as a baby Pokemon, in this case Tyrogue, it is fine for them to be in their evolved state.

Just like Pikachu didnt start as Pichu in the old games.

zThat, and someone else already has a Hitmonchan.
MiyakuBubbles Featured By Owner May 19, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If it did not have its baby form at first, then you can use it.

For example, when Pikachu's family came out, there was no Pichu, so that is the reason why you can join as both Pichu and Pikachu.

Another example is Chansey. For a while, it had not pre-evo form until a couple of generations later, when Happiny came out. You can still be iether Chansey or Happiny.
yoshitaka Featured By Owner May 19, 2011
Alright then.
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