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August 30, 2011
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PMD Cameos - Mission 3 by nyausi PMD Cameos - Mission 3 by nyausi
I need cameos!

Three Rouges - One team with an Eevee..the rest, anything goes!

!!!MERCHANTS FULL!!! PMD Application, Team Q-gen PMD Writing Application Sheet

Team Name: Team Q-gen

Guild Leader: ___Rogues _x_Merchants ___Rescuers

Leader Information

Name and Species: Tylen the Gastly

Nature: Rash. (Good perseverance)

Gender: Male

Strengths: Learns fast, Sneaky, Likes to help others.

Weaknesses: Talks too mutch.

Moves: Fire punch, Telekinesis, Hypnosis, Dream Eater

Accessories: none

Second Member Information
Name and Species: Elize the dratini

Nature: Docile (Highly curious)

Gender: Female

Stengths: Smart, Likes to help others.

Weaknesses: Bad at fighting.

Moves: Dragon Tail, Thunderbolt, Protect, Substitute.


!!!RESCUERS ALL TAKEN!!! :thumb216472422: :thumb245794446: :thumb244271466: :thumb206466048:

For the Rouges. Let me know what their reaction would be to an effeminate Hitmonchan (he is really a boy ..just so very girly ), and a Kecleon who has the habit of stuffing things down his pants.

For all, give me a brief description of their personality. Also, link me to their applications!

:D Yay!

I hope I can finish this off before this week's end..x_x
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cstalli Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just love Nai so much! :heart:
Bluefire5 Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2011
I came to offer my teams, but I see you're all full
also *rogues ^^;
WolfMikami Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
If ya want more rogues...

Black Bullet-[link]

As for their reactions Jacques wouldn't mind at all a girly hitmonchan and he would be curious as to why the kecleon does the pants thing. Mikami...well she would think the Kec is weird but I think she will be able ta get along with the hitmonchan more :)

Their description is in the app!

btw....that's so the cutest Hitmonchan I've evah seen! :la:
RipleyX3 Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2011
Here is Nostromo, My Rogue Team

Hudson the Hitmonchan: Hudson is arrogant to the point of acting like a jerk and fully believes that he can take on almost any foe thrown at him. He actually is a competent fighter, if not a little overconfident and headstrong. He is also a bit of a Flirt and since he thinks he's all that an a bag of chips he will act that way when he flirts. Though, if he ever did get in a relationship he would probably be the nicest mon in the whole world. Despite his arrogance, he can be nice, known for being a jokester with others and not really being too serious about things. Though his jokes can go too far and this can cause some waves between him others. The one mon he does get along perfectly with is his "little sister" newt the Pikachu.

Newt the Pikachu: Bashful but Kindhearted, Newt is the kinda mon that everyone loves. She genuinely cares about the well being of others even if they are on separate teams. She is a silly frightened though, causing her to more often than not hide behind her larger "Big Brother" Hudson and wait untill things are less scary. She isn't very trusting though and seems to be more hesitant than her brother about fully making friends. While she is easy to get a long with, this doesn't mean she will trust just anyone. Doesn't mean she will be any Newt also has one hell of a temper that while not unleashed often, if you hurt her brother you better run because there may not be a lot of you left after shes done with you.

Hudson's reaction to Nai: "What the hell man? We are Hitmonchan, the epitome of bad ass why are you wearing a bow? If you are going to be a bow, you better be a bad ass!" -As you can see Hudson may not react well to this because he is very masculine. He would probably think Nai is a wuss immediately and be angry at him for not being masculine like other Hitmonchan. It's not like he is going to be a complete jerk because he can be nice, is just going to want Nai to prove himself or get the hell off of his battlefield.

Hudson's reaction to Schalus: "HEY! Don't do that in front of my little sister! She may be a teenager in Poke Years but that doesn't mean you can do that sort of thing infont of her." -God forbid Schalus did that in front of Newt otherwise though, Hudson would be amused by it. But If he does it in front of his little sister , his fist is colliding with something.

Newt's reaction to Nai: " you are like big brother except different. Okay, well whatever makes you happy!" Newt would be very accepting, though a little confused. She would want Nai to be happy.

Newts reaction to Schalus : "" Absolute and utter confusion. She would be such a confused little mon.
RipleyX3 Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2011
Here is the link for the app [link]
MiaMaha Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Here are the Night Baskers, my rogue team. :aww: [link]

Sol: She, like Nai, is adament and argues if anything doesn’t go with what she believes in or thinks. She’s pretty calm and practically never smiles (only smirks), but she can socialize normally with pokemon who aren’t brats or jerks, but she usually keeps to herself if nothing needs to be said. She’s very quick-tempered, though….and she tends to not plan things before acting (she relies on Solace to create plans). She’s like an older sister figure for Gale and she thinks that Solace is an idiot, and yells at him/hits him often.. XD

Solace: A very cheerful and friendly Absol who likes to make friends. He loves to act like an idiot….XD He cares about Sol A LOT. If anyone picks on her or…well, does ANYTHING bad to her, all cheerfulness dies….. he would do anything for her, really. D: Sol doesn’t know/understand that though….
He also gets serious whenever the situation calls for it. :3 It’s hard to believe, but he’s actually very intelligent and he’s the strategist of the team. :aww:

Gale: A very gentle, kind, and polite Kirlia. He calls girls “Miss” whenever he talks to them (Ex: Miss Solitaire. Miss Missy. Etc), and he likes to socialize with others. ^^ He practically never gets angry and he’s very patient. :3 If anyone picks on him, he usually doesn’t do anything about it though….he’s not a cry-baby, but he would stay silent.
He’s more of a defensive fighter. :3
Night: Gale has a personality disorder, and “Night” is his other personality. :3 He’s not the “opposite of Gale” though, nor he is the “evil side” of Gale. They just have differing personalities. Night is more open and direct with his thoughts and emotions and he doesn’t beat around the bush. He can be more reserved than Gale, but he doesn’t mind other pokemon. If others pick on him or anyone else on his team, he WILL speak up angrily. :D
He’s more of an offensive fighter.

Reactions to Nai (btw, I LOVE how he looks. Just wow!!! 8D):
Solitaire (AKA Sol)- She would be completely confused, and would think it's a bit strange ....XD But she has an open mind, so she wouldn't care after she found out he's really a dude.
Solace- He's very polite and friendly with girls (he likes to flatter them and overall, he likes to make friends). The moment he found out that Nai is a guy...things would be awkward, and he would be pretty surprised. XD He would try to get used to it though. And he would still be friendly. :3
Gale: Gale knows what it's like to be mistaken for a girl. XD He would, like everyone else, mistake Nai for a girl and call him "Miss Nai". But once he found out he's not a girl, he would be surprised too, but he would automatically accept it and connect with him. XD
Night: Pretty much the same as Gale’s reaction, but he would be more open with the whole “I understand” thing. XD Like: “Cool, we’re both guys who look like girls. I think we’ll get along well. :D ” XD

Reactions to Schalus:
Solitaire- ….she would be a little weirded out…but would just shrug it off afterwards….XD Kinda like “….oooookay….a little strange….but anyway….”
Solace: He would be amused, for whatever reason. XD
Gale: He would be confused and would ask him why he stuffed things down his pants. :D
Night: He would openly show how he thinks that habit is strange and, like Gale, would ask him why he did it.

Sorry for all of the text…it’s hard to keep things brief….I tend to type a lot. <XD
Givennotes Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2011
[link] - in case you still need a merchant team

yuki - is very serious about everything she works on and hates when things don't go her way. She believes she is the only one who can be right and wont be told otherwise. She hardly ever looks happy and even when she smiles it looks more like a smirk or a sneer. Also, she loves her money and books.

Criea - is very timid. She does not like being around pokemon she doesn't know and if corned she is likely to blow things around her up with a Discharge. Though she may not like being around a lot of pokemon she does enjoy reading and is very smart.

crazymokona Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Merchant team: [link] Black Scarves
Wampe Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2011
You can use my Rogue team if you still need anymore: [link]

Sorry, I couldn't tell if the rogues were filled or not. ^^;

Capper- He's an arrogant, hot headed, jerk face, loving himself type of Treecko.

Chomper- He's a twisted, crazy little Axew. But he comes off as a very pleasant poke. lawl.
augustelos Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2011  Hobbyist
Rescue team Star Grounds:

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