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June 13, 2007
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Legend of Storm - Lockereidon by nyausi Legend of Storm - Lockereidon by nyausi
Damn, its pretty hard to come up with a decent looking seeming legendary pokemon..far worse, figuring out what it will reign over, seeing as how pretty much everything has been covered.

Though it was slightly touched upon in Sapphire/Ruby, with Kyogre being able to make it rain endlessly, I decided, if I was to make my own Pokemon game, to base the legendaries on weather.

Such as this guy, based onthe leviathian, though not from the start, it came after I finished, its domain is the sea. When enraged it causes the oceans to churn in chaotic turmoil, wave upon wave, pummelling any would be sailor, destroying their ship, and drowning its passengers. It has no remorse for this it kills, be it on purpose or accidental. Its said, that if you were to see it when the seas are calm, it will bring you all sorts of good luck, however, if you so much as to anger it, there will be ten years of bad luck upon you with any body of water.

I dont know what to name it, or what type to make it, I though, Dark/Water, perhaps? or Ghost/Water?

:D I dont know, also, I need a name, give suggestions!

Ill probably redraw this later, in pencil, this was done in Flash. Woo.

Edit: It is now a GHOST/WATER type.
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DeBlob-hatena Aug 16, 2012  Student General Artist
you could have a fakemon cover gravity... that could be fun :)
Id love to own one of these :D
how long is said beastie?
nyausi Jul 3, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
I figure itd be a bit longer than Rayquaza is..whom I think is like..23 feet. So about, 24 feet.
i just realized the two are vastly disproportional... his is well... something's not right... he says it's 5"10... so either elongated it's 5"long and 150 pounds... or it's head, to it's flipper things is 5"10 and it's really more like... 18 feet long... and yet weighs 150 pounds... which seems even less likely... plus drawing dueling serpents has proven rather difficult, so i may need to rethink this, and do them each individually... or choose a different pokemon, since this one is not only really hard to redraw... but is a little over complicated in design for a pokemon, and i might have trouble with it

i'd still like to do a battle, so would it be ok if i chose a different pokemon to fight it?

it might be a little easier, and if there is one in particular that you'd rather have fight it, then that would work

again, sorry about that >.>
nyausi Jul 4, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
o-o;..whoaa, yea, they are, seems like.

And yea, its alright, go right ahead and choose whatever other fakemon. :) Im cool with it.
the bird whale might be sweet! but idk... i still gotta feel it out a bit
Diamondsnake Dec 18, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Absolutely adore the design and colouring. I'm not too sure for a name though :O_o:
nyausi Dec 18, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
I decided on Lockereidon :) And thanks!
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